Abdul Rahim S.Al-Malki Cont EST
Medium & low voltages
     Distribution and switchgear systems
Medium & Low Voltage Switchgear

Switchgear is utilized in the protection, controlling,
and monitoring of Medium & low voltage distribution
systems. Although used as "stand-alone"
distribution assemblies, they are quite often
incorporated into secondary unit substations so that
the equipment can be located more closely to the
point of power utilization.
Electricity distribution is the final stage in the
delivery (before retail) of electricity to end users. A
distribution system's network carries electricity from
the transmission system and delivers it to
consumers. Typically, the network would include
medium-voltage (less than 50 kV) power lines,
electrical substations and pole-mounted
transformers, low-voltage (less than 1 kV)
distribution wiring and sometimes electricity meters.
Distribution Medium & low voltages